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Posted on October 4, 2023
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1. Associate degree in education or related field or a minimum of 32 college credit hours.

2. Minimum of two years' similar work experience.

3. Familiar with Google Workspace (Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Forms, etc.)

4. Provide an updated immunization record annually.

5. Must possess strong written and verbal communication skills.

6. Must be able to organize and prioritize work and to meet deadlines.

7. Must have or obtain First Aid/CPR certification.

8. Must have or obtain Navajo Nation food handler's permit.

9. Bilingual (Dine/English) preferred.

10. Must be able to meet minimum physical requirements.

11. Must have a valid driver's license with an insurable driving record.


1. Enforces and complies with all SASI Handbook of Policies & Procedures, Residential Program Staff Protocols and Residential Program Student and Parent Handbook; includes guidelines related to COVID-19 and any unforeseen pandemic.

2. Integrate SASI Dine Norms (Ke', Saad, Ajooba') philosophy, the school philosophy and the SASI Mission Statement, and the SASI Vision Statement in the work environment.

3. Work on call for any emergency as required.

4. Report and submit Intervention Referral Form, Student Incident Referral Form, and Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) report in an appropriate and timely manner.

5. Identify and report any significant student behavior(s) to the Dormitory Manager or the Counselor.

6. Responsible for compliance with drug & alcohol policies, health & safety rules, fire drills, and disaster/crisis and emergency protocols.

7. Maintain confidentiality for all student records.

8. Responsible for monitoring and maintaining a student activity log in all aspects of life, including:

a. Student admission, room assignment, and room inventory.

b. Provide Wake-Up calls as scheduled and monitor students.

c. Assist with proper student check-out and check-in procedures as written via policy.

d. Provide educational presentations by use of power point as appropriate, and facilitate Intensive Residential Guidance Sessions, as scheduled.

e. Assist with and monitoring educational support services (tutor), daily life skills teaching, indoor/outdoor recreational activities, cultural teaching (Dine Norms), health and wellness activities, art and craft activities, student social events, and with food preparation at Sunday's supper or student events. This may include transporting students on and off campus, and to student participation activities, as appropriate.

f. Assist in developing student clubs, groups, and organizations. Includes student sponsored events during holidays and special school related functions.

g. Assist and or transport student(s) to Northern Navajo Medical Center or the nearest hospital for medical needs.

h. Assist with basic home living instructions (personal hygiene and daily cleaning chores).

i. Maintain daily dorm log, visitation log, daily dorm narrative, and document all student concerns (Student Grievance Form) in writing to the Dormitory Manager.

j. Monitor frequently the safety of dormitory students, colleagues, building, facilities, equipment.

k. Conduct random room searches; upon the students return to the dorm from weekends and/or upon suspicion of illegal activity, SASI security will be contacted as needed. Reports of all incidents will be reported to Dormitory Manager, parent/guardian, and the law enforcement agency as appropriate.

l. Submit work orders to Dormitory Manager to repair broken furniture, fixtures, plumbing, electrical concerns, and overall ground keeping needs of dormitory campus.

9. Follow and support all accommodations as specified in an IEP when working with a student in Special Education. Attend IEP meetings when scheduled.

10. Attend all required training and associated meetings or appoint a designated representative.

11. Provides a safe and clean work environment with the assistance of Facilities.

12. Responsible for his/her professional growth through on-going training, professional development days, licenses, and/or advanced coursework at institutions of higher learning.

13. Performs duties as assigned.

401k, Paid time off, paid insurance premiums, advancement, paid professional development and more.